Oops, Your IP Address is Not Recognized!

We often receive requests to register additional IP addresses to gain access to CareTracker and MDS Intelligence. Because data security is of the utmost importance, access to CareTracker and MDS Intelligence sites is not available from locations outside each client’s network. The following guidelines below will help you determine if the IP address you want to add is capable of being registered.

Machines/Devices we CAN register with a new IP address:

  • New Facility Server - This may be a server at your facility that helps with your network or a server that helps you with your Clinical Software.
  • iPads or other mobile devices - purchased by the facility for use with CareTracker.

Machines/Devices we CANNOT register with a IP address:

  • Any device outside of your facility’s protected network (e.g. trying to access CareTracker from home without first establishing connection to your facility) - This includes desktops, laptops or mobile devices.


Read above to see if we are able to register your device.

If so, then contact us at: 866-459-3382

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